Friends of Pisgah Gorge
"There are ____ down in the Gorge."


The Friends of Pisgah Gorge is local a grassroots organization interested in protecting the most treasured natural landmark in Pisgah, Alabama, because of all the amazing things that can still be found down in The Gorge and seemingly nowhere else.

Activities have included:
  •      Picking Up Litter
  •      Planting Trees
  •      Water Monitoring
The most grandiose plan would be having a network of hiking trails linking all points of access to Pisgah Gorge.  This would ideally occur if the multitude of private land owners agreed to conservation easements and/or property sales to the Alabama Forever Wild Program considering that it was nominated.  Unfortunately at the time of the nomination it was turned down because the tracts of landowners willing to sale were too fragmented, and since then a failed property development severely degraded the land at the head of Jones Cove.

Other areas where conservation and/or recreation efforts have overlapping supported include Coon Gulf, Scottsboro Trails, Sand Mountain Concerned Citizens, Boy Scouts of America Camp Jackson and Camp ToKnowHim.  It has recently been learned that Camp ToKnowHim has gotten permission from enough private landowners to backpack the trail(s) leading from Camp Jackson through Coon Gulf.

The organization has been relatively inactive since litter pick-up was curtailed due to bridge construction on Alabama Highway 71, but hopefully it can be revitalized through the creation of this website on January 26, 2010.
Mailing Address:  Friends of Pisgah Gorge, 17229 Ala. Hwy. 71, Pisgah, Alabama 35765
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